3 Home Improvement Ideas That Will Impress Your Guests

Home improvement projects can be costly but if you know what you’re doing, you can easily keep it under $300, and this includes some semi-extensive renovation works. The first most important space that you should consider improving would be the kitchen area. It matters not whether it’s a small or a big one. As long as you have a kitchen, you can never have enough storage space.

I’ve been around in my fair share of houses, whether of friends or relatives and one thing I noticed is that most of the kitchen space is not utilized in an optimal manner. For instance, instead of leaving your kitchen walls empty, consider building some wall cabinets for extra storage space. This is especially so if there’s an empty countertop with no inbuilt cabinets on top of it already. If your kitchen is already small, and you’re afraid that it’ll look even smaller with closed cabinets, you could alternatively opt for shelves instead. The open-ended concept will give the illusion that your kitchen is bigger than it actually is.


Besides increasing the storage space in your kitchen, you should think of painting the walls with a different color as well (if you haven’t already). Most kitchen walls come in white paint, but you should consider giving it a dark look for a more refined or high-class ambience. This only works for larger kitchens however. For small kitchens, having lighter shades of paint will be ideal. Something along the lines of beige or other pastel colors. You could also give your cabinets a new paint job if you want. Try to keep the color contrast minimal though. You wouldn’t want to have red walls with blue cabinets. That would be plain hideous.

The second most important place other than the kitchen would be the living room area. This part of your house is important because this is where you’ll be entertaining your guests or spending most of your time in, besides your bedroom (we’ll get to this in a while). A good way to revamp your living room and spice it up would be to have your floors polished or replace the carpet on them. Carpets will look dull over time, regardless of how often you clean it or have it dusted. Some stains or dirt just won’t come off easily or at all. Bleaching your carpet would help but the frays at the edges would give away its age. Replacing the carpet don’t have to be expensive at all. In fact, you could buy a new one and install it yourself. Just follow a carpet installation guide online and you can save on having to get an expert come over your place to fix it up. A carpet shouldn’t cost anything more than $5 per square ft even for the more expensive types.

corner-fireplaceIf you want to go a step further, consider installing a fireplace in your living room. If you have a classical finish to your home, you could go for a brick fireplace that can retain the dated look of your living room. For modern settings, there’s also the glass paneled fireplace that looks a lot more refined and classy. It’s also a lot cleaner because the fumes and smoke are trapped behind the glass panel whilst still giving off heat through the glass.

Lastly but surely, you shouldn’t skimp on organization furniture such as shoe racks and key holders. Instead of just leaving your keys on a table counter, why not invest in a cute little key holder that can be hung up on the wall? The neater and less cluttered a place looks, the much more attractive and comfortable the environment will appear to be. Likewise, instead of leaving your shoes at the door, store them up in a shoe cabinet or a shoe rack. If you have expensive shoes, keep them indoors under a bench that comes with storage space for a much more organized look. Also, instead of leaving your coat slumped at the back of your couch or chair, you could outfit the back of any doors with a coat hanger or hooks. A simple line of wall hooks on the walls right next to your door could work really well too.

Just try to keep your clothes, shoes and accessories out of sight when you don’t need them and that will help a lot with making your home look much fresher and comfortable. Clutter is a very serious problem that most homeowners face and it’s easy to see why. Get rid of clutter as much as you can and you’ll be glad you did.