Refurbishing Your Bedroom – 3 Essential Tips To Take Heed Of

Say you have recently bought your own space or you’re just plain tired or bored of how your bedroom looks. Here are some tips that you may find useful.

How do you beautify your bedroom? Easy, start by creating a theme for your bedroom and work on it. Or if you want something less complex, even a simple act such as painting one side of your bedroom wall with a different color can substantially change the outlook of your bedroom. Especially if you apply a bright color to it. Contrasting colors work wonders too. If in doubt, ask a decorator or interior designer or a family member or friend with good taste.

orange-grey-carpetWhile expensive, carpeting your bedroom (whether wholly or substantially) will usually result in a very comfortable space that you may wish to spend all your leisure time in. A decent-sized rug might also do the trick, if placed on the floor next to your bed so that both your feet can feel the warmth of the rug rather than the usual icy cold floor every morning when you get up, especially during winter. However, this is a big no-no should you have nasal allergies that won’t go away.

Big, soft pillows also exude comfort but should not be overused. Two to four is a nice number on beds, as can be seen in most hotel rooms. One too many and it may cause a bed to look cramped that might cause you to not get a good night’s sleep. Some could also be placed in other parts of the room, including the sofa or bench (if you have one). Places such as these could use smaller pillows. You might also wish to refer to our pillow choosing guide because there’s just so many types to choose from!

Collectibles also add a certain degree of personality and uniqueness to the bedroom. A large world map might show one’s adventurous side whereas antiques might show one’s taste or loyalty. A work of fine art might be a good display of class. These are just some ideas, you can express yourself as you wish! Some people also love to collect magnets of all the places they have traveled to and visited and all the colorful magnets could also be used to decorate the bedroom. Rare stamps or coins of different countries work the same magic!


Apart from brightening your very dark bedroom and the first thing you look out for when you need to wake up during the night or the wee hours of the morning to use the toilet, nightstands serve another purpose: to look extremely lovely. A pair of these, one at each side of the bed on side tables, is most ideal. Couple that with switches that allow you to adjust the brightness, it’s almost unreal!

Nightstands are boring? How about getting a lamp which you can change colors at the press of a button to accommodate your mood during a particular night? That’d be way cooler!

What about a cool looking hammock chair? It’s like revisiting your childhood. Reading a book while swinging back and forth; up and down. Who could ask for more? Much more interesting than the awkward looking bench that has been rotting away at the corner of your bedroom. Haven’t seen one in most rooms? Do you really want to be so conventional or do you prefer to think out of the box?

mirrorMirrors are often used to create illusions of space and scale from super effective to less effective for small bedroom sizes to larger ones. Just try placing a few mirrors in your bedroom and you will notice a huge difference. Works well if you need to check your outfit or whether your hair looks neat before you head out of your room.

And finally, one extremely important but often forgotten part of a bedroom is a great bed and mattress. There are so many types of mattresses ranging from soft to firm to hard. Choose one which suits you best. Essentially, you wouldn’t want to settle for anything less than a good quality bed and mattress which could easily last you a decade or so. Although not necessary and is a luxury, bed frames and headboards could also enhance your bedroom’s chic look. Playing with different patterns in your bedding items could also work.