Technology designed for the well-being of your baby

Exmobaby is a revolutionary new “smart garment” system specifically designed for newborns and infants. The system features Exmovere’s proprietary sensor technology to monitor a baby’s vital signs and other important data on its wellbeing and mood. Exmobaby also includes both blue tooth and 3G wireless communication so parents or other caretakers can stay connected to their babies throughout the day and night.

Parents can easily program Exmobaby to send text messages (SMS) and email alerts to their mobile phones, personal computers and other devices. These alerts show up automatically in real time as baby’s movement and vital signs change. Exmobaby provides peace of mind to parents that they can always have an eye on what’s going on with baby, even if they can’t be at home at all times. The system even goes a step further in being able to detect changes in baby’s condition that even the most watchful parents might not notice immediately.

Exmobaby is ideal for first-time parents who want an extra layer of security, moms who are re-entering the workplace and entrusting their newborns to daycare centers, babysitters or even their parents; and importantly for parents with children who are not well or otherwise require additional oversight.

How the Exmobaby System works

Exmobaby consists of a cotton baby pajama with a removable strap on the inside that contains specialized fabric that can measure baby’s ECG (electrocardiogram). On the outside of the pajama is a thermometer to measure baby’s temperature, movement sensors, as well as a small battery and FM transceiver that can send baby’s data to a bay station located within 20 feet. The bay station, which can also serve as night light, houses the 3G and blue tooth components as well as a removable touchscreen display/control panel as well as the battery charger. The entire system is fully programmable to send a variety of alerts from the bay staion via 3G or Bluetooth based on whatever parameters parents choose.

Comfortable & Safe for Babies
  • The wireless components and other electronics are housed in a separate bay station and don’t come into contact with baby.
  • In normal usage the FM transceiver safely sends a burst of data every 3 minutes, meaning it uses very power and the system produces very little radiation or heat.
  • The system is modular: the child-proof sensors and transceiver can easily be removed by adults, but not by baby. In contains no removable parts that could be swallowed by a baby.
  • The pajama is safe, hypoallergenic, lightweight and non-irritating.
Practical for Moms
  • The starter kit can easily be activated online or through over-the-phone activation, using a smart phone.
  • The garment itself is cotton and machine washable.
  • The garment comes in 4 sizes for infants between 0-12 months old as baby grows.
  • The electronics and other components that come with the system are child proof.
  • The FM pod has an 8-hour battery life. A baby can use it all night, without interruption.
  • The system is portable and can be taken anywhere—since it operates on 3G, an internet connection or wifi is not required.
  • The nightlight bay station features “over the air” automatic software updating, so no computer experience or interface is needed.

The price point for the Exmobaby system is comparable to high end baby monitors that do not have similar biosensor capabilities. Data fees for using wireless communication may vary based on your local cellular provider.